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We are sorry to announce that Towaliga Plants is no longer open for retail sales.




    Towaliga: local pronunciation: (Tie-lag-ee)   -other pronunciations: (Tuh-wall-i-gah) and (Tow-ah-ligh-gah)
 n. A Creek Indian term with several meanings: "river of blood" from the many battles fought along the Towaliga River and "scalp place" or "roasted scalp" where Creek warriors used to dry their scalps on the banks of the Towaliga River.

  Towaliga Plants was established in 1997 to make available to customers in the Mid-Georgia area a wide selection of desirable plants for the southern garden. Towaliga Plants is owned and operated by John and Lamyrl Atkinson.




Towaliga Plants
13036 GA Hwy. 87
Juliette, Georgia   31046

phone: (478) 994-6230   

e-mail: towaligapl@aol.com